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Aquila is a secure cloud-based communication, collaboration and document management application, that helps to reduce the administrative burden on a project team, allowing them to focus on their core duties related to the design, construction and quality of a ship.

Be more efficient. Be more effective.

Aquila is a simple yet powerful application that can support the management of your shipbuilding projects, big or small.

Aquila was developed as a tool to help project managers display all their global projects in a structured way, as well as organize and track vast amounts of shipbuilding documentation and communications, allowing quick identification of issues and thorough follow-up of comments.



Information can be accessible over a long period of time.

Aquila supports your document retention policy. When the project completes, detailed information exists regarding the construction of the vessel, which can be made available for operation and maintenance of the vessel going forward.

Team Collaboration

Allows teams situated in offices across the world to collaborate closely.

Internal chat allows easy communication between team members.


Easy To Use

Aquila is easy to use and does not require complex set-up and training.

Easy to deploy across project teams.


Allows global access, where there is Internet.
  • Global and secure access to all of your vessel drawings and documents. This could be valuable to daily ship operations and when dealing with issues or emergencies.

  • Save physical space in your office.

Visibility and Consistency

Allows the Project Manager excellent visibility across projects.

Forces consistent work flows.

Reduces Admin Workload

Fewer emails and easier handling of project documents.
  • Supports the efficient resolution of comments and issues.
  • Quick and easy to determine project status.
  • Keeps track of revisions, conversations and comments.
  • Good searching and filtering features.
  • Information is well structured, organized and centralized in one place.

• View Upcoming Events
• Update Schedules
• Track Past Events
• Filter to Find Events
• Export Schedule to Excel
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• Upload Documents and Revisions
• Tag to Describe Folders
• Search for Documents
• Internal Comments for Files
• Cloud Storage of Documents for Easy Access
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Plan Approval
• Quick Status Update
• Filters to Quickly Find Your Daily To-Do’s
• Issue Comments and View Related Conversation
• Internal Comments for Collaboration
• Export to Excel and PDF
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Factory Acceptance Test
• Track Status of FAT Inspections
• Issue Comments and View Related Conversation
• View Details of Inspections
• Internal Comments for Collaboration
• Export to PDF
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Non-Conformance Report
• Track Status of NCR’s
• Issue NCR’s and View Related Conversation
• Upload Related Documents and Photo’s
• Internal Comments for Collaboration
• Filters and Search to Quickly find your Comments
• Export to Excel and PDF
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• Track Status of Inspections
• Two Level Sign-off of Inspections
• View Inspection Details
• Upload Relevant Documents and Pictures
• Internal Comments for Collaboration
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Final Drawings
• Store all of your Ships Drawings in the Cloud
• Access Anywhere There is Internet
• Drawings Ordered and Easy to Find
• Upload Revisions and Leave Comments
• Retains Drawing Passwords
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Success Stories

Aquila was exactly the project management tool we required to manage simultaneous containership projects in 3 different countries and in 3 different shipyards. Being an internet based platform and with an intuitive user interface, both the project team and the shipyard could seamlessly manage scheduling, drawing approval, NCR reporting, recording of inspection results and Factory Acceptance Tests. The platform works just as smoothly from a personal mobile device as from a workstation and even in countries where internet access is controlled. On completion of the project, final drawings, certification, and project documentation were easily stored and cataloged, in fact, Aquila presently houses tens of thousands of final drawings, NCR comments, plan approval comments, inspection results, and project documentation, all which are readily accessible and controlled through an access rights system, which is administered by the project manager.


Director Asset Integrity , Seaspan Ship Management

BC Ferries has used the Aquila QMS on three successive shipbuilding and major conversion projects.  It has proven to be the ideal instrument for managing drawing review between Owner and Shipyard, combining the functions of database, communications, and tracking tools in one framework.  It has allowed for a large and disperse drawing review team to work collaboratively and openly, while enabling the Project Manager to consolidate, filter and edit formal comments before being published to the shipyard design office.  Aquila is widely used and valued in the organisation as the controlled source of project engineering drawings, keeping the Owner and Shipyard aligned with respect to latest revisions, and carefully tracking the timelines of formal correspondence.


Director of Fleet Engineering , BC Ferries

I would like to thank the team for their excellent service and mention a few advantages of using the  Aquila system. Aquila significantly reduces backwards and forth of emails and attachments between participants on a team project and streamlines the communication process.Our teams worked within a single platform, allowing very close collaboration during the project and quicker resolution of issues. Large numbers of documents and comments are kept well organized and accessible. The result has enabled Seaspan to save time, allowing the team to focus on the design and quality of the ships and leave administration to Aquila.


Plan Approval & Engineering, Seaspan Ship Management

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